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User Reports

Updated at January 30th, 2022

TryHackMe’s management dashboard is a great way to oversee and manage the users within your team/class.

The dashboard allows you to:

  • Get a general overview of all the users within your dashboard.
  • Retrieve live reports on users activity on TryHackMe.
  • Create assignments and receive assignment reports.

User Overview

On the user's tab on your management dashboard, you will see an overview of all the users in your team/class. Each row represents a seat within the dashboard. On these rows you will have a number of columns;

Email: The user’s TryHackMe email.
Username: The user’s TryHackMe username.
Total Points: The user’s TryHackMe point score.
Last Active: When the user was last active on TryHackMe.
Join Date: When the user registered for TryHackMe.
Sub Expiry date: When the subscription/seat is due to expire.
Actions: This allows you to add/remove the user from the seat.

User Profile & Activity

You can access a user’s profile activity by left-clicking a specific user’s row on your management dashboard.

Once you left-click on a user, a new page will open outlining their activity on TryHackMe. You will see a number of rows and columns highlighting activity such as what rooms the user has taken part in, how many questions they have completed, how many deployments have been made, if the room has been completed as a whole and more. (image below)

Assignment Reports

When creating assignments on TryHackMe, you can retrieve live reports on how users are performing within that assignment.

To retrieve reports, go to the ‘Assignments’ on your dashboard. On your overview page, you will see a list of assignments you have created.

Left-click into the assignment you want to see reports on. Once you left-click, you will see a user’s progress box that highlights a brief summary of the users within that assignment and shows how many questions have been completed in that assignment by that specific user.

Spreadsheet report;

You can also download a spreadsheet that will return a CSV file highlighting users performance within that specific assignment.

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