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Updated July 25th, 2020 by James C

Student Discount

Getting the Student Discount A 20% student discount is guaranteed to accounts created using a student e-mail address. TryHackMe supports all student e-mail addresses and automatically recognizes many domains like .edu and .ac.uk. # What if my Student email wasn't recognised? In case your student email was not automatically recognized and the website...

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Updated August 25th, 2021 by James C

King of The Hill Overview

What is "King of The Hill"? King of the Hill (KoTH) is a competitive hacking game, where you play against up to 9 other hackers to compromise a machine and then patch its vulnerabilities to stop other players from also gaining access. The longer you maintain your access, the more points you get. Traditionally you are taught how to compromise a machi...

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Updated September 15th, 2021 by James C

Room Creation - Overview

Getting Started Rooms are a virtual space where you can easily allocate tasks to users. You can create rooms for challenges (CTFs) or to run a particular workshop or training session. Material (Virtual machines or downloadable material) are linked to a task, rather than a room. This means you can have several virtual machines or downloads for a sing...

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