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Student Discount

Getting 20% off a TryHackMe subscription

Updated at July 25th, 2020

Getting the Student Discount

A 20% student discount is guaranteed to accounts created using a student e-mail address. TryHackMe supports all student e-mail addresses and automatically recognizes many domains like .edu and

What if my Student email wasn't recognised?

In case your student email was not automatically recognized and the website is displaying $10 / £7.70 as the payment amount, we suggest the following:

  • If you subscribe as a regular user (at the normal cost), we can then update your monthly cost to include the discount for the following months.
  • If you pay through PayPal, we can extend your subscription (giving you an extra month subscription if you pay for 3 months, 2 extra months for paying 6 months ahead and 3 extra months for paying 12 months in advance).

Once you've subscribed please send an email to [email protected] using your student e-mail and make sure to provide your THM username so that the discount can be applied!

This way we ensure that everyone gets their discount and can enjoy the subscription for 20% off!

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