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Connecting to OpenVPN on Windows
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If you're using Windows as your host operating system, please follow the instructions below to connect to our network.
We've attached a GIF at the bottom of this article with the steps needed to achieve this.

1. To connect to OpenVPN on Windows, you will need to use the OpenVPN connect software provided on their website.

Open the above link, select the most recent release and download the version supported on your machine (x64, x32, ARM).

2. After installing and running through the setup wizard, head to the (access page)[] and download your configuration.

If your region does not appear on the list, select the one closest to you.

3. In the bottom right of your screen, on the taskbar, press the click the icon that looks like an up arrow (^). There should be an icon within the new window that looks like a monitor with a plug, right-click. This is where you will manage your OpenVPN connections.

4. Next, hover over “Import”, select “Import file”, and navigate to your OpenVPN profile.

5. Finally, right-click on the OpenVPN icon again, select “connect”, and wait for it to notify you that you have successfully connected.

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