Connecting to OpenVPN on Linux and Mac
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  1. Download your OpenVPN Connection pack from the TryHackMe Website

    If you get a 404 error message when downloading the file, please refresh the page, click "regenerate", wait a few minutes and try downloading it again. If the error persists, please contact support at [email protected].

2. Open a terminal on your Linux machine

3. Navigate to the directory you downloaded the Connection Pack (~/Downloads by default)

4. Use sudo openvpn <name-of-your-connection-pack>.ovpn to connect. You will need to substitute the name of your connection pack in place of "<name-of-your-connection-pack>." For example, for me, it would look like this: sudo openvpn MuirlandOracle.ovpn.

If the connection has worked successfully, your terminal should now be filled with text and look like this:

Notice the "Initialization Sequence Completed" at the bottom of the screen.

Leave this terminal active. Open a new terminal and use that to start hacking!

When you want to close your OpenVPN connection, switch back to the original terminal and use Ctrl + C to stop the process.

Connectivity issues:

Please refer to our troubleshooting articles if you're experiencing any issues with the OpenVPN connection. Alternatively, you can use the Attackbox provided by TryHackMe, as this avoids any complications linked to OpenVPN.

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