User Tokens
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With TryHackMe’s management dashboard, you can choose to purchase subscriptions in the form of ‘user tokens. User tokens are a convenient way to redeem subscriptions on your dashboard when needed.

Tokens are for educational institutes only.

What are user tokens?

User tokens are essentially the same as subscriptions. You can purchase “user tokens” like an account balance and redeem them at your convenience via your management dashboard. You can redeem a user token on a per-user per-month basis.

For example, if you purchase 100 user tokens and initially want five students to have TryHackMe access for four months, 20 tokens (5 students * 4 months) will be deducted from your user tokens balance. Meaning you have 80 tokens remaining.

Redeeming Tokens

Once you have purchased user tokens, your balance will be reflected on your management dashboard.

To redeem tokens, click the grey button beside your token balance. You will then be asked how many users you would like to add to your dashboard and what duration the subscriptions should be. This will determine the number of tokens redeemed. User tokens are calculated based on the number of users multiplied by the number of months for the subscriptions.

User tokens = Number of users X Number of months of subscription example: 5 Users x 12 months = 60 user tokens.

Once you click ‘Redeem Tokens,’ the number of tokens will be deducted from your account balance, and the subscriptions will be activated on your dashboard.

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