How to SSH into a machine
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To properly connect to the machine, head to the room you want to complete and scroll down to the task with the "Start Machine" button. We suggest following along by completing the Linux Fundamentals Part 2 room:

After pressing it, you should see some notifications:

Once the machine is fully booted, you should see the IP address and other information at the top of the page:

We will use the AttackBox to complete the tasks in the room. You can deploy it over here:

Once deployed, your screen should look something like this:

Patiently wait for your AttackBox to start, then follow the next steps.

Perform the SSH command, but with the Active Machine Information (as detailed in the task):

I would type "ssh [email protected]"
. You will probably see a different IP, so open a terminal on the Attack box and type the SSH command with the correct IP. The IP address you can see on your terminal ("root@ip-10-10-x-x") is your Attackbox's IP address, not to be confused with the Attached Machines IP that we will be connecting to.

After typing the password "tryhackme," you should be connected:


When you type a password into an ssh login prompt, there is no visual feedback -- you will not be able to see any text or symbols appear as you type the password. It is still working, so type the password and enter it to log in.

Not all machines on TryHackMe have ssh enabled; this means that you can't connect to them via ssh.

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