What is a streak?

On TryHackMe, a streak represents the number of consecutive days a user has successfully answered questions. Streaks can sometimes unlock rewards, such as badges, discount coupons, and special access to network labs.

You can view your streak on the top right of any page on the platform:

How to avoid streak resets

Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid losing your streak:

  • Try to answer questions no later than 11 pm and no earlier than 3 am

  • Activity on your profile is a breakdown of answered questions and other things like deploying and terminating machines. Make sure you've answered questions daily, not just been active on the platform. A minimum of 3 questions answered is also good to ensure you do not lose your streak. The questions that do not require an actual answer ("completed") do not count towards your streak.

  • Is the country flag in your profile correct? If not, please follow the tutorial in this article.

Of course, we are aware that sometimes it happens to forget to use TryHackMe, to have a family situation, to go on a well-deserved holiday, or to be busy with work. If you want your streak reset, please email us at [email protected]. Be sure to include your username, email, and streak count.

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