How do streaks work?

What is the streak system? How do you maintain a streak? What are the benefits of a streak?

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We are constantly releasing features on TryHackMe that make learning fun; one of these features is a streak.

What is a streak?

On the TryHackMe platform, a streak represents the number of consecutive days you have engaged with our content.

To make maintaining a streak worth it, we throw in various rewards for different streak milestones, such as:

  • Badges,

  • Access to TryHackMe networks,

  • Streak freezes,

  • Discounts on merchandise

How do I view my streak?

You can view your streak at the top of any page on the main domain (

How do I maintain my streak?

As aforementioned, your streak shows the number of days that you have been engaging with the platform. Failing to do so will result in your streak being reset to zero.

Streak resets will occur if you have not answered questions before midnight (your local time).

Please ensure that you are not using a VPN, or your streak may reset prematurely; we cannot set your timezone on your account manually.

To prevent your streak from resetting, here are a few tips:

  • Avoid answering questions no later than 11pm and no earlier than 3 am.

  • Ensure you are answering a minimum of three questions per day.

    • Questions that do not require an answer do not count towards your streak.

    • Your TryHackMe activity does not reflect how many questions you have answered.

  • Double-check that your account's country has been detected correctly.

  • Inserting flags on KoTH does not increase your streak.

My streak disappeared, what do I do?

Do not worry! We are aware that your streak sometimes may disappear randomly, or you may not be able to get to your computer in time.

Contact support at [email protected]; please provide your username and the last value you remember your streak was before it reset. While waiting for support to get back to you, you can continue your streak; those days will be added to your original streak count.

You have up to 7 days after losing your streak to contact us, or you will be unable to claim your streak reset. Furthermore, support will not combine old streaks or transfer streaks between two accounts.

Please note: we will not reset streaks that are under 14 days.

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