What is SSH?

SSH, or secure shell, is a network protocol that helps us securely access and communicate with remote machines (mostly remote servers). This means that you can connect to another computer from your terminal.

It provides strong encryption and is widely used by network administrators and developers to manage remote systems & applications, execute commands, share files, etc.

How does this apply to TryHackMe?

In some rooms, you will be asked to ssh into a machine to complete tasks. You will be given the username, password, and IP address needed for the connection. Please note that when typing the password, you will not see what you are typing. No worries, this is just a security measure implemented in all Linux OS's.

You might also want to SSH into your attack box if you prefer accessing it through your terminal rather than the web browser. You can find your machines credential on my machine page; click "start machine," and your credentials will appear on the right:


Not all machines on TryHackMe are meant to be ssh'd into.

Please do not use your TryHackMe credentials while trying to ssh into a machine; they will not work.

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