Managing your rooms
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Once you've created your first room, the next step will be managing it.

Click on "manage rooms," then click on your room:

You will be redirected to the management page:


You will have the possibility to configure a few options here: room difficulty, challenge type, and scoring type. Setting "publically accessible" to True will add your room to the room review queue, so only choose this option if you intend to make your room accessible to everyone on TryHackMe. You can find more information about the room reviewing process here.


This section gives you all the information relative to the users in your room.

You can export this data as a CSV file by clicking on "Download task progress":


Here you can specify the different category tags related to your room. Adding tags will help users find your room when searching for keywords.


You can create your tasks, which you can do by clicking on the "add task" button:

You can attach interactive material used to answer the questions within a task. You can use the material you uploaded to TryHackMe, which can be done by following this guide, or you can use the material we provide:

You can add questions by clicking "add more questions" and add the answer or a hint by clicking on the arrow:

Once you've added a question, click "save." You should do this for any changes made to a task, or they will be lost.


Here you can decide on the room code, upload an icon or add the official writeup:


This section will allow you to manage the users in your room; you can reset their progress or ban them.


If you want to clone your room to use it as a base for another room, click "clone."


If you would like to give another user access to the management of your room, you can share the link with them:


Before deleting a room, it is important to remove any task materials (VMs or files) if you wish to delete them from your materials page.
Please only delete a room if you're 100% sure; we won't be able to recover any deleted rooms.

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