Generating and resetting environments
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Cloud environment information

Once you have access to the rooms within the attacking and defending AWS cloud pathway, you will need to access the AWS environment for most rooms. Each of the rooms will have a Cloud Details button as shown in the image below:

Generating environments

Each room will also require users to generate environments. These environments will contain the specific resources within AWS that are used as you progress through the room. Different rooms will requires different resources within AWS, thus each room may have its own environment. Clicking the cloud details button will show a popup with the environment details tab

The pop up will provide the following information:

  • Environment state: this shows the status of the environment and may contain the following options:

    • Active - this means that the environment has been generated and is ready to use

    • Generating - this means that the environment is currently generating and is not ready to use

    • Resetting - this means that the environment is currently being reset and is not ready to use

  • Room options - Some rooms may reuse the same environments so you will be able to see what environments you already have access to.

    • If the room code does not match the room you are currently in, you will need to generate the environment.

    • If the room code matches the room you are currently in, you will not need to generate an environment.

Clicking the generate environment button will change the state of your environment as shown:

Please note that you cannot generate another environment or reset your environment while the state is already generating.

Once this process is complete, you will receive a pop up as shown below:

Resetting environments

There may be cases where your AWS account may not be working as intended. In this case, you can reset the environment by clicking the 'Reset Environment' button. Resetting the environment destroys all resources within your current environment and regenerates the resources required for the room.

Once the room is ready to be used, you will receive a similar popup:

Please note that each user account is limited to 3 resets within a 24 hour period. Since resetting an account destroys and recreates all the resource within the account, this may take up to 10 minutes.

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