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Streak freeze
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On TryHackMe, a streak represents the number of consecutive days you have successfully answered questions. Streaks can sometimes unlock rewards, such as badges, discount coupons, and special access to network labs.

You can view your streak on the top right of any page on the platform:

What is a streak freeze?

A streak freeze allows you to pause (or, in this case, "freeze") your streak. If you miss a day and don't answer any questions, your streak won't reset to 0.

How do I get a streak freeze?

  • By completing 3 rooms after signing up for TryHackMe

  • By reaching one of these streak milestones: 7, 30, 180 or 365 days

  • If you currently have a 7-day streak or higher

How does the streak freeze work?

If you have a streak of at least 1 day and haven't completed any questions on the current day, you will receive a notification and an email reminding you to continue your streak. If at Midnight (in your timezone), you still haven't completed a question on the platform, your streak freeze will activate. The streak icon will become orange, and when you hover over it, you will see this message:


  • If you just signed up to TryHackMe, you can obtain a streak freeze by completing three rooms or reaching a streak milestone. If you already have an account, you can only obtain it by reaching one of those milestones (7, 30, 180 and 365)

  • You can only have 1 streak freeze at a time; they cannot be accumulated.

  • You will get reminders (notification and email) to complete questions to avoid activating your streak freeze.

  • At Midnight of the following day, your streak freeze will kick in if you still haven't answered any questions.

  • If you complete a question within 24 hours of your streak freeze activating, you will maintain your streak.

  • You will lose your streak if you fail to answer a question during those 24 hours.

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