Capture The Flag (CTF)
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Use case

  • Motivate your team with an exciting challenge

  • Strengthen collaboration between teams

  • Compare skills of team members

Your challenges

A Capture The Flag event is typically one of the highlights of the year. But organising such an event wasn't always easy. Challenge Creation, access to the CTF, managing participants, providing an amazing experience for the participants.

How can TryHackMe help?

TryHackMe has organised many CTFs and can reduce your workload, so you can focus on getting the team excited about the event. You can pick from the following three services.

  1. Free CTF builder

Business and Education customers have exclusive access to a free CTF builder. This self-service CTF builder allows you to select several topics from a limited portfolio of challenges. An ideal way to test whether a CTF is interesting for your team.

2. CTF bank

  • You and TryHackMe select challenges from TryHackMe's challenge bank.

  • The challenge bank has public & private challenges and complete private CTFs. Examples: a Defensive Cloud CTF, a Telecom themed CTF, etc.

  • Includes:

    • browser access to the CTF

    • browser access to the CTF (or OpenVPN)

    • bulk accounts for participants

    • unlimited participants

    • scoreboard

    • optional: remote / on-site consultant during the event

    • optional: swag packs for participants / winners

3. Custom CTF

  • Your organization receives a tailor-made Capture The Flag event. Nobody will have seen these challenges before.

  • You'll receive detailed advice on challenges from the engineers who create TryHackMe's training content. This includes difficulty levels, topics etc.

  • Includes

    • bulk accounts for participants

    • browser access to the CTF (or OpenVPN)

    • content review rounds

    • unlimited participants

    • scoreboard

    • optional: remote / on-site consultant during the event

    • optional: you receive a CTF with a storyline. This means the CTF graphics, challenges, flags, questions, images are all focused on a relevant topic for your organisation. This can be anything from "Game of Thrones" to the strategic theme of your organisation for this year.

    • optional: challenges that can be hosted in your environment

    • optional: resolution walkthrough

    • optional: Q&A session with the creators of the CTF at the

    • optional: swag packs for participants / winners

    • optional: resolution walkthrough with the organisers


  • Existing B2B or EDU customer and have questions? Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Support.

  • Please contact [email protected] if you'd like to explore whether TryHackMe could be a good fit for your organization. Alternatively, book a meeting directly with the Sales team: For Education, For Business

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