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Preserve points when migrating from / to B2B and EDU license
Preserve points when migrating from / to B2B and EDU license

Users will keep their points when they have a Business or Education license. And when they lose it.

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TryHackMe users are understandably proud of their achievements. For example: LinkedIn has more than 170.000 posts with TryHackMe certificates. The same applies to streaks and badges.

Your users will keep their points, streaks and badges when moving from / to a B2B or EDU license.

Use case

  • User is Top 3% at TryHackMe with and has a Premium license. User becomes part of a Business (B2B) account at TryHackMe. The user preserves her Top 3% ranking. User leaves the Business account. The user still preserves her ranking.

  • User has a Hacking Streak of 123 days. The user joins his university's Education account. User keeps his Hacking Streak.


  • Existing B2B or EDU customer and still have questions? Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Support.

  • Please contact [email protected] if you'd like to explore whether TryHackMe could be a good fit for your organization. Alternatively, book a meeting directly with the Sales team: For Education, For Business

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