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Discord: What are the advanced channels?
Discord: What are the advanced channels?
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In the TryHackMe Discord server there are channels that unlock based on your level on the website! These channels are locked for users with a higher experience level to discuss advanced topics, hence “Advanced Channels”.

Although these discussions are usually not allowed within the normal public chats, this does not mean that you can discuss illegal topics or post malicious files. Moderation is more lenient, but the rules still apply here.

How do I access these channels?

It’s easy..ish! Either, you reach the current top level on the website, level 13 (0xD), or you are OCSP/eCCPT certified (or higher).

I am OCSP/eCCPT certified, how do I get my role?

Simply ask a moderator if you can DM them in the Discord server (any user on the sidebar with the “Mod” role) and show them proof of your certification.

Alternatively, If you are OSCP certified and have the role in the OffSec Discord server, you can let a moderator know and they can verify your certification this way!

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