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Updated at September 9th, 2020

We've created this handy template to use when asking for help with anything TryHackMe related. Be it an issue with any of the content, or that you just need a hint/pointer in the right direction. Filling out this template helps portray important information to anyone whose trying to help!

Check to see if your issue has been reported before:

Whilst rooms themselves have a "Known Issues" tab, we have a list of confirmed issues with either the site or any of the content within it. Please check this to see if your issue has been confirmed before asking for help!

Community-managed TryHackMe Bug & Issue Tracker: (

Common Questions & Answers:

List of confirmed Issues & Bugs (

OpenVPN Troubleshooting

TODO: Bug Bounty / I've found a security flaw

TODO: Payment Issues

TODO: Metasploit troubleshooting

TODO: "My Machine" Troubleshooting

Issue Template

Room Name/URL (Provide a link if possible):

What task and question (Copy and Paste the question for ease)?

What have you tried?:

What happened?:

What did not happen?:

What did you expect to happen?:

Provide a screenshot (You can use the snipping tool on Windows, and a free image service such as

Whilst TryHackMe is an education-centred platform, we really encourage you to research and to keep on trying if you're finding it difficult. People will be more inclined to help you out if you can help yourself first!

If you have solved your issue reply to let the user know you no longer require assistance.

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