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Connecting to OpenVPN on Linux

Updated at January 23rd, 2022

  1. Download your OpenVPN Connection pack from the TryHackMe Website

    2. Open a terminal on your Linux machine

    3. Navigate to the directory you downloaded the Connection Pack to (~/Downloads by default)

4. Use sudo openvpn <name-of-your-connection-pack>.ovpn to connect. You will need to substitute the name of your connection pack in place of "<name-of-your-connection-pack>". For example, for me, it would look like this: sudo openvpn MuirlandOracle.ovpn.

If the connection has worked successfully, your terminal should now be filled with text, and look something like this:

Notice the "Initialization Sequence Completed" at the bottom of the screen.

Leave this terminal active. Open a new terminal and use that to start hacking!

When you want to close your OpenVPN connection, switch back to the original terminal and use Ctrl + C to stop the process.

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