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Adding a virtual machine (VM) to your room

Updated at July 17th, 2020

You first need to upload your virtual machine (VM), to do this go to the upload page. Once your machine has been uploaded (and has converted), you will see it appear on the Your Material page.

Users deploy and access your virtual machine through room tasks, so you will need to  created a room, attach tasks to your room and add your virtual machine to the task.

To create a task, go to Manage Rooms and click on a room you've created. Navigate over to the "Tasks" tab and click "Add Task"

A new task should be created. You can then add a task description, resources (VMs, Downloadable files or use our material) and add questions and answers.

If you click "VM" under type, you can select your machine from the dropdown.

Once you've finished creating your task, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save".

This now means, any users that are in your room will be able to deploy your machine and answer questions on your task!

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