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Commissioned Content Creators

Updated at March 23rd, 2021

Notice: The Commissioned Content Creator Programme is currently on pause for the immediate future

Becoming a Commissioned Content Creator

Commissioned content creators are members of the community who have a history of creating high-quality content. These content creators are invited to the programme by the administrators.


These guidelines include the general guidelines as if you were a community room creator. Again, these guidelines are flexible and exceptions can be made on a per-room basis.

  • ¬†The room links/follows-on appropriately to other rooms on TryHackMe including sub-only rooms
  • The room recommends other TryHackMe rooms to do beforehand or after that is similar to the topics/tools/techniques explored in their room.
  • All content is PG13 and appropriate
  • Content will not expire in any way (i.e. relying on the use of tool documentation, cheatsheets, etc)
  • Content is easy to follow and provides additional research links where possible (e.g. Wikipedia)
  • You are expected to test the room thoroughly before submitting for review
  • Ideally includes a video with the release.
    • Possible addition of a grace-period where subs get the video first
  • You must be contactable at the time of release to handle questions/issues

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