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Making your room public

Updated at October 19th, 2020

By default rooms are private, if you want to have your room public everyone on TryHackMe, it will first need to be reviewed. Please read about the Room Testing process to learn more about how your room is reviewed.

You can still share your room with friends/colleagues/students without having it published to the wider community. To learn how to do so, read about sharing your room privately.

Publishing your Room

To publish your room, you will need to navigate to the "General" tab in the management view of your room:

At the moment, your room will be marked as "False". Simply change this setting to "True" to enter your room into the queue, like in the screenshot below:

Your room will then be marked as "Submitted". This is your confirmation that although your room is now in the queue, it has not yet been assigned to a room tester:

Once your room has been assigned to a room tester, the status will change to "Evaluating", as shown in the screenshot below:

This phase can take a couple of days, especially as there can be many rooms waiting to be tested at one time - so please be patient!

You can take a look at the things that room testers refer to when testing your room here. If the room tester approves the room, the status will change to "Approved" like below:

The room reviewer will reject your room if it does not meet the standards outlined in the creation notes, amongst other things. If this is the case, your view will reflect these changes:

Where the room reviewer will have provided feedback in the form of comments. Provided comments are located at the bottom of the same "General" tab for you to review. Please rectify the issues raised in the comments and resubmit once you are ready!

However, if your room meets the standards, your room will be approved and marked as "Ready" like below:

Please note that although your room has been approved, your room will now enter the final stage before publication. It will then be placed in another queue of other "Approved" rooms, which will be released according to the release schedule.

And now for the final update, once your room has been published onto TryHackMe, your room will be marked as "Accepted" and announced in the community Discord like so:

On behalf of TryHackMe, thank you for taking the time to create content for the community!

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