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Room Creation - Overview

Creating your own high quality rooms on TryHackMe

Updated at October 22nd, 2022

Rooms are a virtual space where you can easily allocate tasks to users. You can create rooms for challenges (CTFs) or to run a particular workshop or training session.

Material (Virtual machines or downloadable material) are linked to a task, rather than a room. This means you can have several virtual machines or downloads for a single room, however, this also means that you can only attach either one download or one virtual machine to a task.

The process to start allocating tasks to users is below:

  1. Create a room
  2. Upload material (VMs or other files) or use the ones we provide.
  3. Go to the manage room page and click on your newly created room
  4. Click the "Tasks" tab and create room tasks; this is where you include your uploads (VMs or files)
  5. When managing a room there is a blue "Share Room" button at the top right of the page, click this to get a link to share with your users to invite them to your room.

Making your room public

To share your room with users it does not need to be public, you can use the room share link to privately invite people. Making a room public releases it onto the TryHackMe platform for all users to join.

On the room management page, when you make the room public, it will be reviewed. If it's found not to work, there's missing content, or anything from that's not quite right then it will either be rejected with comments or a room reviewer will get in touch.

After your room is reviewed and approved, it will have a release date scheduled. Your room will not be instantly released on approval.

Please read about ourĀ room testing processĀ before creating your room if you intend to publish it.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • When uploading a machine, make sure we support the virtual machine type; you can do this on the upload page.
  • Windows installs MUST be booting off an MBR partition, GPT will not work and will fail to convert.

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