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Troubleshooting "My Machines"

Troubleshooting the Deployable THM Attack Machine & Kali Instances

Updated at September 24th, 2020


Authentication Failure

This issue is currently being fixed as of September 2020. Until the patch is released please perform either of the following:

1) Terminate the instance and redeploy if you need to use the in-browser functionality

2) Alternatively connect via SSH or RDP using the credentials provided. You can use either the "Public IP" - where you do not need to be connected to the VPN or the "Internal IP" if you are connected to the THM VPN.

If this issue persists contact support via [email protected]¬†with your THM username, what instance you were trying to deploy and at what time.


We are not maintaining or resolving any issues that are not as a direct result of TryHackMe. The version of Kali Linux (2020.3) that is deployed is the most stable and recent as possible for the platform and may have updates pending.

The Kali machine does not have any additional software installed to keep it true to form.

Attack Box

The Attack Box is actively maintained and is built specifically for both performance and reliability as well as containing a large portion of the tools you'll need for TryHackMe rooms. Please note that some scripts/tools have been left out intentionally to get you familiar with installing and compiling on Linux.

As of the time of writing, there are no known issues and you can view our changelog. If you have a suggestion or want to report an issue with the Attack Machine, please use any one of the "feedback" form, Discord or forum.

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