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What are Levels on TryHackMe?

Updated at July 30th, 2020

Tryhackme works on a level system. This is also echoed over into the Discord server -  if you're a member of that. Levels are obtained by playing rooms on the website. You will get a certain number of points for each question that you complete. Challenge rooms give more points than walkthrough rooms, and recent rooms give more points still.

 There are currently 13 obtainable levels:

Title / Level
Point Requirement
0x1 0
0x2 200
0x3 500
0x4 1,000
0x5 1,500
0x6 2,000
0x7 3,000
0x8 [Hacker] 4,000
0x9 [Omni] 8,000
0xA [Wizard] 12,000
0xB [Master] 15,000
0xC [Guru] 17,000
0xD [God] 20,000

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