Getting the student discount

To get the student discount, change your email to your student email on your profile. After changing it, if our systems detect your email address, the prices should be instantly modified. Currently, we recognize and .edu domains.

What should I do if my email is not recognized?

First, we will need you to subscribe.

When your email is not recognized, we have to switch your plan to the student plan manually, but we can only do this after you have subscribed.

Once you have subscribed, please send us an email to [email protected], and we will apply the discount.

You are not refunded for the first month, but you get your money back.

For your first month, you will pay $10 (£8), and for the second month, you will pay a reduced price of $6 (£4.80).

After that, your payments will return to normal, and you will start paying the discounted monthly subscription of $8 (£6.40).

For the annual discount it will look something like this:

First payment: $90 (£72)

Second payment: $54 (£43.20)

Any payments after that: $72 (£57.60) Est.

Please do not purchase vouchers! We cannot apply the discount to vouchers.

Don't have a student email?

If you do not have a student email, we will need proof that you are a student.

This may be:

  • Enrollment documents,

  • Student ID,

  • Course details (preferably not this)

After you have provided the information, please follow the steps covered above.

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