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Getting 20% off your TryHackMe subscription

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Looking to get 20% off your TryHackMe subscription? You are in the right place!

TryHackMe offers a student discount, available to all students as long as you are in full-time education, regardless of your country.

*Users on a bootcamp, Udemy course, or are not a part of an institution may not be considered for the student discount

Receiving the Student Discount

To receive the student discount, insert your student email address into your profile.

After changing it, your prices should immediately be updated if your email address is recognised by our systems (you may need to refresh your page for it to take full effect).

Here is a list of domains that we recognise:

  • .edu


What should I do if I do not have a student email or my email address is not recognised?

First, we will need you to subscribe.

When your email is not recognised, we have to switch your plan manually, but we can only do this after you subscribe.

Once you have subscribed, please email [email protected] with one of the following documents:

  • Enrolment documents,

  • Student ID,

  • An official email or letter from your institution

After we have validated your student status, we will apply the student discount to your account. Failure to supply any documents requested by support may result in your student application being denied.

How does the discount work?

If your student email wasn't recognized and the discount had to be applied manually, you will not be refunded for the first month, but you will get your money back.

For your first month, you will pay $14 (£12), and for the second month, you will pay a reduced price of $8.4 (£7.20).

After that, your payments will return to normal, and you will start paying the discounted monthly subscription of $11.20 (£9.60).

For the annual discount, it will look something like this:

First payment: $126 (£108)

Second payment: $75.60 (£64.80)

Any payments after that: $100.80 (£86.40) Est.


Your subscription price will only update on your profile after your next payment.

Please do not purchase vouchers! We cannot apply the discount to vouchers.

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