The TryHackMe Discord Server

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Our active Discord server is the most significant part of the TryHackMe community. You can use this invite link to join the server:

You must sign up first if you don't already have a Discord account.

The server is protected by phone verification, so verify your phone number with Discord, then join the discussion!

Once in the server, you can echo your level on the TryHackMe website across to the Discord server. This is important as you can only access the voice channels, send images, embed links, or perform various other actions once you have done so.

  1. In Discord, click on the bot (near the top of the user's list on the right-hand side of the page)

2. In the "Message" box that appears, type !verify then paste in your Discord token, which you can find on your Profile in the "Other" section:

3. The final message should look something like this:

Send the message, and your level and subscription status will be automatically copied.

Once you are verified, you can use the !notifyme bot command in the server to register for announcements of new room releases, giveaways, and more!

Do not share your discord token with anyone!

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