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Discord: How do I verify my TryHackMe account?
Discord: How do I verify my TryHackMe account?

The TryHackMe Discord Server

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How do I join the Discord community?

Looking to talk about TryHackMe with like-minded people? Look no further! Join our discord community:

Before you join the community, you will need to sign up to Discord and verify your mobile number in your account’s settings. This is a security measure, you will be unable to talk until you do so.

Once you have joined the Discord server, you will be prompted to complete our onboarding survey. This will take you no less than 30 seconds and it helps us tailor the Discord server to your needs:)

What is account verifying?

To access certain perks, such as sending images, you will need to verify your TryHackMe account. This allows other users to see your TryHackMe level, and for you to receive special access to our advanced channels.

Your profile will update once every 24 hours, there is no need for you to register again after you have done it for the first time!

Where is my TryHackMe Discord token?

Your TryHackMe Discord token can be found on your profile. It is imperative that you keep this token secret.

  1. Scroll down until you see the section titled “Discord Token”

How do I verify my account?

*These steps work on both desktop and mobile, the screenshots depict desktop.

Within the TryHackMe discord, type /verify in any text channel. If you would prefer, you can also DM the Discord bot on the right-side of the screen (as see in the screenshot below).

On your screen, there will be a pop-up detailing “commands matching”, select the /verify token command and it should populate your text chat box like in the screenshot below.

Inside the “token” field, you will need to insert your TryHackMe Discord token found on your profile.

And finally, hit enter to link your TryHackMe account! You should see the bot thinking and then the output below.

If the bot is thinking for more than 30 seconds, or there is an error, please ping in the discord server for assistance :)

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