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What is a TryHackMe Workspace?

Workspace is a way to compete and collaborate with people from your organization. Using your work or school email, you can join your organization's workspace, where you can complete challenges as a team and work towards the top of your workspace's leaderboard!

Use case

Many businesses and educational institutions join TryHackMe because of our gamification features. The goal is to accelerate learning via healthy competition with yourself, your colleagues or a team.

A member of the Workspace will discover how they are faring compared to your other users. They'll also see results (points) and effort (streak). Moreover, the workspace will also be challenged as a team.

What does a TryHackMe Workspace look like?

  1. You have a leaderboard showing who scored the most points this month. You'll also see "streaks".

  2. You can view the members of your workspace. Clicking on 'Show all members' brings up the full list as a pop-up.

  3. View recent activity amongst your team, like answering questions or completing rooms.

  4. Complete monthly and one-time challenges as a team.

How does it work?

Workspace works on your email's domain extension. If your email is [email protected], you will join a workspace for everyone with the same domain as you; variations of a domain will have separate workspaces. To combine workspaces with different emails, see the sections below.

You can only join with a school or work email; it won't work with public emails like Gmail and Hotmail. You can change your email on TryHackMe to a work/school one on your account settings page.

Workspace leaderboards only take into account points from rooms in your custom learning paths or assignments.

How do I join a Workspace?

First, go to the workspace page. If your organization's workspace hasn't been created, you'll be asked to enter its name as the first one joining it. Names are not tied to workspaces, and multiple workspaces can have the same name; workspaces only function from your email extension.

To join or create any workspace, you must verify your email on TryHackMe.

Once you've joined a workspace, you can't leave or swap (yet). Changing your email will keep you in the workspace, but you'll be unable to view your organization's workspace page.

Combining Workspaces

If your email extension is, you will join a different workspace than someone with If you're part of our business or education plans, you can combine workspaces (e.g., merging and into a single workspace) by emailing TryHackMe's support.


  • Existing B2B or EDU customer and still have questions? Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Support.

  • Please contact [email protected] if you'd like to explore whether TryHackMe could be a good fit for your organization. Alternatively, book a meeting directly with the Sales team: For Education, For Business

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