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B2B and EDU users with access to the management dashboard can create assignments. An assignment is a "room with a deadline". This can be a standard TryHackMe room or a room you've created yourself.

Use case

An assignment allows you to prioritize a room for your users. Examples:

  • You're starting to use a new technology.

  • This quarter, you'd like to focus on a specific aspect of your infrastructure.

  • Your students have until next week to complete chapter 8 in your syllabus.

Creating assignments

To create an assignment, go to the Assignments tab. Click on the "Create New Assignment":

Creating an assignment requires the following details:

  • Assignment Title - This field contains a title used to represent the nature of the assignment. This isn't shown to the students but is used to find the assignments in the Overview tab.

  • Assigns To - provides assignments to a specific group of students. The groups can be found and created under the Groups tab.

  • Assignment Room - selects a room as an assignment. You can choose any room on TryHackMe or a room you have created.

  • Enable Deadline Date - select a deadline for the assignment. When the deadline is enabled, If a user tries to access the room after the deadline date, they will be unable to access it.

  • Brand Your Room - Enabling this will replace the room logo and avatar with the ones provided by the instructor. You can change this under the Settings tab.

As an example, we'll create an assignment for the SQL Injection Lab room with a deadline for all users in the management dashboard:

When the assignment is created, users will receive an email. This will clone the room you have selected and give users access to this cloned room. After the assignment is created, you will automatically be directed to the management page.

Viewing and managing assignments

You can find all of your created assignments in the "Assignments" tab. Click on the assignment title to view and manage it:

You will be redirected to this page where you can:

  1. Update the deadline date or delete an assignment.

  2. Use the assignment share link to distribute the assignment to users. This is useful when you want to present/distribute the assignment through written media like PDF documents and PowerPoint.

  3. Creating the assignment will clone the room you have selected. You can change this cloned room by clicking the Manage Room button.

  4. You can click the view button to check the room from a user's perspective.

  5. Click the "Spreadsheet" button to download a spreadsheet containing users' progress. The spreadsheet will include the following details:

    1. Rank In The Room

    2. Username

    3. Score

    4. True/False value on whether the user got a question correct

  6. The table represents a high-level overview of users' progress in the room. You can use this information to determine whether users are performing according to a particular standard and gauge how well they're doing on the assignment.

By deleting an assignment, users will no longer have access to the room, and you will not have access to the corresponding data.

Updating the deadline allows you to extend the deadline so that users can access the room. It is also possible to remove the deadline feature so that users can access the room without a time constraint.


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