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Business and Educational customers benefit from flexible seating via the TryHackMe management dashboard. This means that you change the user that uses the license.

Use case

  • An employee leaves your company. You can easily move another employee into the now vacant license.

  • If you're an educational institution and a user drops out of the course, you can easily switch the license to another user.

There are no limitations on how often you can swap the licenses from one user to another.

Adding a user to a seat

You can go to the 'Users' section of your dashboard. The licenses are represented in rows with several different columns. Each row will have an 'Actions' column on the right. The action column will have a blue plus icon when the seat is empty. Click this blue plus icon to add a user to a seat.

Once you click the blue plus icon to add a user, you will be asked to enter the email of the user you wish to add to the seat.

If the email entered is already a TryHackMe account, their subscription will activate immediately.

If the email is not registered, TryHackMe will send them an invite email to register and activate their account once registered.

If you are an admin, you will not automatically be assigned a premium subscription. You will need to add yourself to a seat.

Removing a user from a seat

To remove a user from a seat, click the trash icon in the "Actions tab."


  • Existing B2B or EDU customer and still have questions? Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Support.

  • Please contact [email protected] if you'd like to explore whether TryHackMe could be a good fit for your organization. Alternatively, book a meeting directly with the Sales team: For Education, For Business

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