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TryHackMe’s management dashboard allows you to take a copy of any room on TryHackMe and make changes to various settings within the room. This is useful for:

  • Creating rooms branded with Organisation’s logos and custom banners

  • Customizing learning material in rooms by making changes to the written content

  • Changing the structure of the room to do one or more of the following things:

    • Adding/Removing Scoreboards

    • Locking rooms to prevent users from accessing them

Finding A Room To Clone

The first step before cloning a room is finding the appropriate room to clone. You can find rooms on the Learn page in the:

  1. Modules and Pathways (on the Learn Tab)

  2. Series (on the Practice Tab)

  3. General Room List (on the Search Tab)

Once you select a room and open it. You’ll notice that the link to the room is in the format:<ROOMCODE>

The Room Code is a unique identifier given to a room.

For this room, the room code then becomes the adventofcyber3. This room code is used in the following steps to clone the room.

Cloning A Room

To clone a room, select the Assignments tab on the top. After selecting this tab, select the Clone tab on the left-hand side.

To clone a room, use the room code (As shown in the previous steps) and enter this in the Room code text box and click the Clone Room button.

Once the room has been successfully cloned, you will automatically be redirected to the page, where you can search for your cloned room.

This room can then be shared privately or used to create an assignment.

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