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This article will explain how the reporting feature of your dashboard works

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The reporting feature will give you an overview of your users' progress in content completion, time spent on tasks, and their activity (rooms completed and questions answered).

Content Report:

You will have 2 filters you can choose from, " group dropdown" and "content dropdown." The first allows you to select user groups or individual users, and the second lets you filter between Learning paths, modules, or rooms.

By default, the filters aren't set, so the chart won't have data to display.

If you wish to import these stats, you can do so by clicking on the three lines (this is possible for all 3 categories):

Time Report:

This section lets you know how much time your users spend on tasks.

You can specify the room type in the filters (Challenge or Walkthrough) and can select a period of up to 6 months:

Activity Report:

The last report gives you data on your user's activity (room completion or questions answered) during a period of up to 6 months:

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